The Cost Of Locksmith Services In New South Wales Australia

Find yourself accidentally locked out of your car or home? No worries, a quick call to your friendly neighbourhood locksmith should fix this booboo. From providing access to your property to strengthening your security to prevent break-ins, there are lots of services that your locksmith can provide. Find out the cost of typical locksmith services in New South Wales, as well as the different factors that can affect our pricing.

How much do locksmith services cost?

Hiring a locksmith in New South Wales can cost anywhere from $15 to $350. That might sound like quite the wide price range, but that’s because the cost depends on several factors.

The type of service, type of lock, urgency, and even your distance from the locksmith – these are all accounted for in our pricing.

Therefore, smaller tasks like rekeying a lock can cost some $15 to $50. However, emergency after-hours services on a complicated lock would range higher at $250 to $350. Here are some rough estimates of how much common products and services may cost you:

Common Services Average Price
Changing of installed locks $30 – $350
Rekeying services $30 – $100
Key duplication, cutting, or copying $5 – $20
Home locked out services $30 – $150
Car locked out services $30 – $50

Again, do note that these are rough estimates. Give us a call at 0404 785 921 or visit our website to get fast free quotes on our locksmithing services.

What are the variables that affect the cost of hiring a locksmith?


As we mentioned, several factors affect the cost of locksmith services. Some of these factors are:

#1 – The type of service rendered

A locksmith does more than help you with your emergency needs. From making key duplicates to installing high-end security systems, you can count on your locksmith for all things lock and security related. Some of the services that we offer as locksmiths are:

This pertains to changing the existing keys to new ones for an old lock. This is a great service for those who have recently moved into a new property and are worried that the old tenants may still have a copy of the current key. Rekeying is a much cheaper alternative than changing the locks or the doors altogether.

Here’s the average cost of rekeying services in New South Wales based on the lock type.

Common Rekeying Services Average Price
Key in Knob $15- $20
Set to Master Key System $30- $35
High-Security Cylinder $30 – $35
Best Type IC Cylinder $30 – $35

A locksmith can help you choose the best entry lock for your home. Keyless locks such as those activated with key cards or touch screen pins are great choices for occupants who frequently lose their physical keys. Below are the typical costs of installing keyless locks. The cost varies according to the brand of lock you choose, as well as the type of features you want from your lock.

Electronic Lock Prices Average Price
Keypad Lock $100- $350
Bluetooth $110 – $250
Biometric Scan $200 – $550
Wifi Enabled $300 – $500

Locksmiths are not only limited to door locks, window locks, or safe boxes. Some commercial locksmiths are also equipped to install electric strike locks which keep your door locked until you activate its release system. This type of lock is mostly used in commercial settings to prevent break-ins or burglaries. Electric strike locks can cost anywhere from $100 to several thousands for more secure and sophisticated facilities.

  • Car opening and ignition lock repair

Aside from residential and commercial locksmiths, you might also need automotive locksmith services one day. Here are some common automotive locksmith services, as well as their average pricing. Do note that your distance as well as the timing of the call-out can affect the cost of these services.

Common Automotive Locksmith Services Average Price
Unlocking door $70 – $150
Rekeying door $30 – $50
Replacing door lock $200 – $600
Rekeying ignition $50 – $150
Creating standard keys $5 – $20
Making transponder keys $70 – $250
Reprograming transponder keys $50 – $200

Lastly, locksmiths can help ensure the safety of your valuables by installing and servicing your safety deposit boxes. HVP Locks offer safe opening, as well as security upgrades and safe repairs.

Safe Servicing and Repairs Average Price
Opening safes $150 – $400
Changing the key combination $50 – $80
Switching to electronic locks $100 – $150
Moving Charge $100 – $150
Installation $150 – $400

#2 – Urgency of the Job

Given the nature of our job, HVP Locks is available 24/7 for urgent, emergency jobs. However, we do charge extra for jobs booked past our regular working hours. Expect around a 50% increase for services before 6:30 am and after 5:30 pm. For emergencies past midnight, we usually double our rate. Although this adds quite a premium, some situations might call for urgent locksmith service. Give us a call at 0404 785 921 to inquire.

#3 – Our Distance

Although we offer wide-area coverage within New South Wales, do note that our call-out rates vary depending on our distance from the site to cover our transportation cost. Call us at 0404 785 921 if you need expert locksmith services in Newcastle.

#4 – Duration of work completion

The average locksmith based in New South Wales charges about $50 to 60 per hour of work. Aside from the complexity of the job and the resources that we use, we do need to take into account the duration of work into our pricing. For a more accurate pricing estimate, we highly suggest you visit our website to get free fast quotes.

Can I perform locksmithing myself to save money?


The simple answer is no. Locksmiths have the necessary experience, knowledge, skills, and tools to provide the best-suited security lock for your doors or windows. Performing locksmithing yourself without the necessary knowledge may lead to the vulnerability of your property’s security which exposes you and your family to different security threats.

If you suspect that your house has been broken into, chances are, your locks have been tampered with and manipulated. In such instances, a quick call to your local locksmith will get your locks fixed or replaced in under a few hours. Although you will have to spend on the service, a professional locksmith can secure your safety and bring you peace of mind.

Anything related to installation, repair, replacement, or upgrading work should be handed over to professional locksmiths who have security licenses and can guarantee your home or commercial space’s security.

How can I save on locksmithing costs?

Sometimes, locksmith costs are a necessary expense. But you can save on certain locksmith services by learning how to maintain your doors.

Doors and key locks are particularly prone to jamming or freezing during wintertime. When your keyholes start to feel a little sticky signalling potential jamming, you can superficially clean the keyhole by spraying it with penetrating oil. Spray your key with the same oil to loosen up any dirt that might be stuck in your keyholes.

Penetrating oil is a low-viscosity fluid and is specially made for oil mechanical parts. Don’t use just any type of oil as some oils can attract more dust and dirt, leading to a more jammed up door than when you started.

Around the wintertime, car doors also tend to get stuck due to water or moisture freezing up around your door or in your lock. If it’s just your keyhole that’s frozen, spraying it with de-icer might do the trick. In no case should you attempt to open fire to melt the ice off. Don’t force your door open as well as it may damage the seals.

When the cons outweigh the pros as what usually happens when you try DIY locksmithing, just give us a call at 0404 785 921 and we’ll be there in no time. If you really do need a locksmith, try to book the service within business hours to avoid extra surcharges.

How do I know if HVP Locks is reliable?


The craft of locksmithing is vast – ranging from residential and commercial, to automotive locksmithing. HVP Locks is equipped to handle all sorts of locks, from installation to repair and replacement. Our team is composed of highly skilled and highly-trained locksmiths with different experiences and expertise. For any call, we dispatch a different locksmith that’s well-suited to handle your case. This is why HVP Locks is the company of choice for New South Wales residents.

What factors should I consider when choosing a locksmith?

#1 – Testimonials

Testimonials from previous clients whether through a locksmith’s website, a third party website, or personal recommendations can help you gauge a locksmith’s reliability, professionalism, promptness especially during emergencies, and the quality of their work.

#2 – Insurance and business registration

Locksmithing involves delicate work and that means there is always the risk of damaging your property even if locksmiths are highly trained and skilled to handle the most delicate work. Hiring a locksmith who is insured gives you an extra blanket of assurance. Locksmith companies like HVP Locks should also be willing to disclose their 11-digit ABN or Australian Business Number to identify and verify that we are a legitimate business.

#3 – Availability

Although locksmiths do have working hours, with ours being from as early as 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM, we are also usually available 24/7 to cater to your emergency needs. Expect a higher cost when calling out to a locksmith after regular working hours, especially past midnight.

#4 – Cost

Most locksmiths will cater to your questions and security concerns, guiding and helping you to choose the best solution for your specific security need free of charge. HVP Locks can provide you with an estimate on how much our service will cost within 24 hours. However, an estimate is just an estimate; the price may vary once we arrive at your premises and assess your property’s situation.

I’ve found cheaper options online, how come?

As we have mentioned previously, different factors such as distance, time, urgency and type or complexity of the job are all accounted for when costing. You ask, how come some places offer cheaper services?

First and foremost, don’t think of the above costs as a final quote. These are some average estimates, so we encourage you to give us a call at 0404 785 921 for a fast free quote.

Secondly, the quality of the products used will affect your total quote. Not all locks are created equal, and the same goes for safe boxes, tools, and locksmithing equipment. In HVP Locks, we provide our clients with a range of high-quality options that offer great value for money. We also offer state of the art and modern up-to-date locks and are trained to install even the latest tech.

Third, the skill of our locksmiths is also an important factor. You might think that you’ve saved money by hiring a cheaper locksmith, but it can lead to more harm than good dealing with an inexperienced apprentice. A master locksmith will almost never suggest drilling or breaking your door or window unless he has exhausted all possible means to fix it. When a locksmith immediately suggests breaking into your property, that is an instant red flag and you should run the other way.

Overall, when paying for a locksmith’s services, you’re not only paying for expenses such as a locksmith’s call-out fee, time, and the specialized equipment that they need to bring to finish the job. You’re mostly paying for the years of experience that a locksmith has which allows them to finish a job efficiently.

HVP Locksmiths offer 24/7 security solutions right at your doorstep. We are located in New South Wales and service, not just Newcastle but also the areas of Mayfield and Charlestown. We offer free, obligation-free quotations via our website, or you may call us at 0404 785 921. We are open from Mondays to Saturdays from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM except for emergency or urgent locksmithing services.

Ways to Make Your Commercial Property More Secure

Part of keeping your commercial property secure is to control who has access to it. Of course, visitors should be able to go through the main access points or the perimeter. However, who gets to enter specific areas or rooms is another thing altogether.

You can use Masterkey Systems to ensure that access to these areas is controlled. What’s even better is you can restrict entry at different levels depending on the person who holds the key. With this, you won’t have to worry about unauthorized people entering without your permission.

Keeping your commercial property safe and secure is a huge responsibility. It’s also extremely important for every business. These tips can hopefully help you in this regard as well as protect your people and your assets from potential threats.

If you own a commercial property in Newcastle and wish to upgrade your security system, fill out this form or call us at 0404 785 921 to get fast free quotes. Let us help you in keeping your commercial property and your people safe from harm.