Key pad security

Tired of keys all together? There are now more choices than ever to have a key pad, card swipe or finger print scanner on your front door at an affordable price.

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Lock Lubrication

Ensure to lubricate your locks regularly, especially if you’re close to the ocean. A general rule of thumb is to do this every time you need to clean your windows.

Get a good quality spray such INOX or Super Lube, and spray into the keyhole and the tongue of the lock. Try to avoid using graphite as with seized and corroded locks, it actually makes things worse. Using a quality spray will help your locks last much longer.

Key Rings

If you carry a giant ring of keys for your house, it can be heavy, annoying and bad for your locks, especially if one of those keys is for your car.

We can rekey your entire home to all work off one key at a very affordable price, as we don’t need to replace your locks. No more fumbling with keys in the dark trying to get in and carrying that huge clump in your pocket.

House Security

Just moved home? Make sure you rekey all your locks, because you never know who else has keys. Moving home can be stressful, and the last thing you need is your valuables stolen.

Once again, this can all be done to a single key to minimize your key ring.

Home Insurance

Have home and contents insurance? These companies require deadlocks on all doors and windows on the ground level access to your home. Deadlocks for doors and windows aren’t as expensive as you may think, and give you peace of mind as well as a cheaper premium. Call us today for a free security evaluation.