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Masterkey Systems

Masterkey Systems

HVP Locksmiths offer high-security master key systems that protect you from unauthorised key duplication, as well as provide better security on all locks at an affordable price for all commercial and domestic properties.

The huge range of products we carry can be put into place over any current lock system you have in use. These ensure all keys you have been registered and kept on file, which means that if any are lost – new keys can be cut via our computers, as well as giving only authorised individuals the ability to duplicate your keys.

All our locks are stamped with unique numbers and have features to stop lock manipulation by thieves.

Our products are not only for commercial premises. These products are also great for rental properties.

How much do master key systems cost?

Protecting the people and items you value as well as having good nights’ sleep is priceless. Given that they improve your property’s security measures, master key systems are surprisingly affordable. Get in touch with us today to find out about the affordable master key system options we offer.

How do master key systems work?

A master key system allows different levels of restricted entry for multiple individuals. At its most basic, it lets two or more keys to open one lock. It can be used in a myriad of property from homes to offices, apartment complexes, even huge commercial establishments like office buildings and warehouses. Master key systems often use pin tumbler locks.

What is the difference between a master key and a grandmaster key?

A grandmaster key can access multiple master key systems on its own. Master key systems have multiple layers of access. In order of least access to most access:

  • Change Key or sub-master key
  • Master Key
  • Grandmaster Key
  • Great Grand Master Key

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“I called Daniel to open my bedroom and he literally arrived in 20 minutes to help me out. The price was very cheap compared to others I had called and he was very polite. I definitely recommend him.”


Zara Collins

“Fast and reliable service, good price too, can’t find the second best like this one in Newcastle.”


Junfeng Lin

“Daniel was punctual and friendly. I would definitely refer him to my friends and family.”


Moe khan
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