Ways to Make Your Commercial Property More Secure

Owning a commercial property entails certain responsibilities, one of which is to ensure that it is safe for people to do business in. It’s an investment too, as a secure environment encourages people to come and stay. If you’re a commercial property owner, it’s time for you to take steps to make sure that your investment is safe and secured. Here are seven ways you can protect your property as well as your people.

#1 – Assessing the Vicinity and Potential Risks


Prevention is always better than cure. Before anything bad even happens, be proactive and take a look at the neighbourhood where your property is located. Assess any potential risks by walking around the area and checking out risky places. This can include empty lots, dim sidewalks, and other quiet areas.

Aside from yours, there are probably other commercial properties in the vicinity. See if they also have security measures in place. From there, you can gauge how other property owners feel about safety in this area. Consider reaching out to your local police station to find out the local crime statistics and how fast they can respond should a problem occur.

#2 – Installing CCTV Cameras


It’s quite common these days for commercial properties to install CCTV cameras. For one, having them visible for everyone to see can be a way to deter bad elements. Plus, tenants living or working in your property would also feel reassured knowing that if something bad ever happens, the cameras would be able to catch it on film.

If needed, CCTV cameras can help identify suspects or criminals. Consequently, this will help you recover any stolen goods or merchandise. With amazing technology, you can now even watch your CCTV footages live from your phone so you can assess any situation in real-time. Do note that you must understand privacy laws if you intend to install CCTV cameras on your commercial property.

#3 – Getting Enough Lighting and Visibility


Make sure that your property is well-lit at all times. Criminals tend to gravitate towards commercial areas that are less visible, which helps them go about their dirty business unseen. Install appropriate and adequate lighting such as motion sensor floodlights, which are both assuring and cost-effective.

Apart from your building, you can also install lights in your parking area if you have one. This can help your tenants or workers feel safe when walking to the car park. Aside from security, it lessens tripping accidents.

#4 – Putting Up Proper Policies and Procedures


Setting up proper policies can help lower the risk of being a victim of theft and other crimes. An example would be clearing the desk of any documents that contain sensitive data. Instead of exposing them for everyone to see, store them in a safe away from prying eyes and hands.

#5 – Checking Your Security Measures Regularly


So, you already have security measures in place. You also have to make sure that you maintain these security measures properly. Check your systems regularly and see if they’re still working as they should. This applies to locks, CCTV cameras, and other security systems that you installed on your commercial property.

#6 – Training Your People


Aside from you, your workers or tenants should also know about safety protocols. Maintain open communication so they can raise any issues or file any reports if necessary. This is extremely useful in preventing potential problems from occurring.

Train your staff on what the proper procedures are in response to any problem. As a team, they also play an essential role in keeping your commercial property secure. This is especially true if you can’t always be present to keep an eye on your business.

#7 – Controlling Access


Ways to Make Your Commercial Property More Secure

Part of keeping your commercial property secure is to control who has access to it. Of course, visitors should be able to go through the main access points or the perimeter. However, who gets to enter specific areas or rooms is another thing altogether.

You can use Masterkey Systems to ensure that access to these areas is controlled. What’s even better is you can restrict entry at different levels depending on the person who holds the key. With this, you won’t have to worry about unauthorized people entering without your permission.

Keeping your commercial property safe and secure is a huge responsibility. It’s also extremely important for every business. These tips can hopefully help you in this regard as well as protect your people and your assets from potential threats.

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